A motivational statement that i am the right applicant for the united states navy

Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate Program

The drive, determination, and discipline necessary to achieve success in a marathon are qualities that undoubtedly will serve me well as an officer in the United States Navy. Brave men and women are required to serve the world in this respect and it is in this regard that I offer my candidature for consideration for the job.

I am excited about the possibility of serving my country as a Naval Officer. I was so disappointed in myself because I could not help my friend ease the pain he was going through at that time.

Navy HPSP Motivational Statement

It is a great opportunity to work diverse environments while changing the lives of different people. Global terrorism, piracy of the sea and other international crimes are some of the pressing issues disturbing peace in the world today. If you are currently in the military, wear your service dress blues or service equivalent.

Also I am having a few English teachers review this for grammar. To succeed in such a physically demanding undertaking, one has to overcome many voluntary discomforts and remain assiduously focused. While I understand personal motivation and competence are important, the Navy is not about individual success; the much more noble ethic of teamwork is the foundation upon which all great achievements are built.

I seek to bring my experience and knowledge to the US Navy as an officer, to enhance my skill set, and to continue to provide the highest quality products for the security of this nation. The primary reason I seek to commission in the United States Navy is in acknowledgement of the fact that leadership is Influence.

As your recruiter, I am here to help. You may take the exam three times in your life mandatory day wait after the first try and day wait after the second try.

Periods of employment may not overlap with periods of unemployment. The United States Navy provides a great opportunity to contribute to world order.

As a Naval Officer I will be able to have a wider reaching impact and help set future generations on the path to keep America Strong.

More good information here: Character recommendations should NOT be friends or family. The American Navy provides an opportunity to serve not only American people but the whole world because of its scope of work.

The police records and court records will need to be submitted as part of your application package. Natural disasters as well continue to destroy lives in a recurrent basis. Here is the link: Let me know when you are ready to take the exam, and I will connect you with the test administrator at Summer Street in Boston.

These forms are necessary to get you scheduled for the interview panels. In high school when we were choosing careers I straight away chose nursing as the first option. I will also need a copy of the police record and the court record describing how the case was resolved. I know how to approach and achieve a long term goal in a holistic fashion that ensures success from being a dedicated marathon runner.Jun 10,  · Writing your Motivational Statement.

Navy Officer Programs are competitive & we don’t want someone who would rather be somewhere else. Keep it pertinent – if you are applying for an INTEL position, talk about your experiences that pertain to THAT field. ¨ One page (maximum) motivational statement explaining: (a) What has motivated you to join the Navy; (b) Why you are an outstanding candidate for the officer specialty or specialties for which you are applying – Specific skills, experience and education; (c) Examples of your leadership experience and/or leadership potential.

Jul 11,  · The Navy is "a global force for good" and I intend to give all that I am, and will become, to maintain that principle. I have a grandfather from the Navy, the other from the Army, and half my family living by the ocean.

my family, and for my self, it is my duty to serve as an officer in the United States Navy. Dispatch the DooM. AetheLove. Jan 28,  · In speaking with my recruiter, he has asked me to prepare a motivational statement regarding my reasons for choosing the Navy.

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However, he was unable to give me much guidance as to what the board may be looking for in this statement. To become an officer of the United States Navy is a prestigious and noble cause that few have the opportunity to accomplish.


I thankfully have. Posted below are the motivational statements of successful applicants. These are a good reference to help you build your own motivational statement, which Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate Program.

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A motivational statement that i am the right applicant for the united states navy
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