An analysis of why the farmers were wrong

Africa Check asked Burger how he calculated the figures. The wet, cold weather strikes early in these areas, and glyphosate helps bring the moisture levels in grain crops low enough to keep mold at bay during storage. Regardless of enterprise, or stocking rate, the prolonged drought in June and July brought challenges that very few farmers were equipped for.

Smallholdings where there are no agricultural activities — or ones that are mainly residential — are not supposed to be included. Crediting Africa Check in the byline, keeping all hyperlinks to the sources used and adding this sentence at the end of your publication: Then please consider donating today to ensure that Eurasia Review can continue to be able to provide similar content.

Many farmers will not need this because they are already clients of Teagasc or other advisors, or participants in a discussion group and so they have plans in place. In that year the house robbery rate was Standing in front of the milk shelves in the supermarket is the closest most shoppers will come to the dairy industry, so it is understandable that consumers would be quick to assume cheap milk was the cause.

This has really come into sharp focus in the post-quota era. In the first three months ofa total of 15 people were murdered, including 8 white farmers. The survey also estimated that there were an additional 10, family members involved in farming activities, 4, owners in partnership directly involved in farming activities andpaid employees.

Around 50 artisans work for a handicraft corporation on daily wage basis. If zero percent interest loan does not generate surplus for farmers there is something wrong in the external environment. Perhaps the more important question is not about fodder on its own, but the extent to which farmers are expected to run faster just to stand still.

Analysis: How sustainable is our future when farmers are working harder for less?

Making matters worse was the revelation that China had a growing stockpile of milk powder. Dairy companies forecasted a milk exporting bonanza. This move came after traces of glyphosate were found in 13 of 14 ice cream samples tested in Europe.

That figure is well below the claimed by Mr Abbott. The line generally taken has been that there is no evidence that these attacks are in any way racially or politically motivated. For example, in South Africa had a murder rate of However, the increase in the white homicide rate began in the late s and has remained markedly less than the increase in murder rates for all other race groups.

Statistics South Africa estimated that 2. By applying this toxic chemical to crops three to seven days prior to harvest, farmers can make their yields a lot bigger. Edited by Julian Rademeyer.Explosive new analysis reveals that farmers are spraying glyphosate on crops right before harvest.

they couldn’t be more wrong, as new analysis shows that many farmers are in the habit of spraying their crops – even non-GMO varieties where farmers were struggling to get their barley and wheat to dry evenly so they could start.

Why Steve Hofmeyr is wrong This is supported by an analysis of a national sample of issued infound that 88 farmers were murdered in the to financial year.

So was Hofmeyr correct in claiming that “a white farmer is slaughtered every five days”?

Fact Check

8 days ago · It conflated farm murders with murders of farmers (not always the same thing), cited a figure that had been already shown to be false (47), and claimed that these statistics had been compiled by Agri SA (they were from the SAPS).

Why farmers should test their milk before drying off cows. Analysis: How sustainable is our future when farmers are working harder for.

Why are we gifting so much to farmers?

Again last week the grain markets were pummeled by outside financial markets that have almost nothing to do with agriculture.

J.P. Morgan Chase, a large financial house, was apparently caught on the wrong side of a speculative trade and sustained losses amounting to roughly two billion dollars.

'Experts' leave farmers holding the bag -. Why the SAIRR is wrong about farm attacks. James Myburgh | the Institute's analysis effectively assumes that a single individual is victimised in each farm attack.

on confirmed farm murders Johan Burger of the Institute of Security Studies wrote that of the 50 victims in 32 were farmers, 14 were direct family, three were workers.

An analysis of why the farmers were wrong
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