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Additionally, the house contained an entrance passage, a number of bedrooms cubiculadining rooms triclinia for both the summer and winter, a reception room oecusand an office tablinum.

This mosaic may be inspired by or copied from a Greek painting finished in the late fourth century BC, [1] probably by the artist Philoxenus of Eretria. This suggests the owners had old money and probably had patrician ancestors, therefore the style of house would reflect their knowledge of history and mythology and also their upper class taste.

In this particular image, Cupid is seen to be riding a crab.

Casa del Fauno, Pompeii

The fact that it does have two Peristylum and atrium makes the house much grander than the other houses in Pompeii. The cupids are most likely meant to represent the owners, and the activities the cupids are engaging in are perhaps meant to represent how the owners could have accumulated their wealth.

From this we can establish that the owners were very rich to be able to afford such a detailed mosaic, but were also educated in Greek history and art. It is most likely that the house of the faun was unified plan but over years changes were made to the house to update it slightly or preserve certain features so these changes look as though its meant to be two houses.

A further example of how the owners of the house of the Vetti attempted to show off their wealth is through their Viridarium. This suggests that the owners of the house of the Vetti are nouveau rich freedmen and in trying to imitate the wealthy roman houses, they do so in extremities and are ignorant of style and taste.

The scene of the An essay on the house of the faun pompeii of Dirce would not be very well received as it is a barbaric scene and is very much out of place in the house of the Vetti, or in fact, in any house.

The house can be divided into five major parts: The owners would have had to pay quite a substantial amount of money for the plumbing and water supply, just so they could make their garden impressive and to show off how rich they were. This huge mosaic was located in the garden seating area and must have given an incredible impression to visitors.

Although the image is comic, it is also very focused on the lives of the owners and as a result the impression given is that the owners are showing off.

In Oecus 1 of the house of the Vetti is a wall painting of many cupids all engaged in work activities such as wine making and metalworking. The mosaic depicts Alexander and Darius with their armies in mid battle, Darius is shown to be fleeing and Alexander is seen to be the triumphant Greek hero.

Although the scene is very impressive, it is also very violent and reveals a vulgar cultural capital of the owners.

As the house of the Vetti was not open to the public, it would have just been friends who would have seen this image. The faun looks as though he is attempting to embrace the nymph, but it is uncertain if the nymph is moving into his embrace or trying to escape.

This image also enlightens the viewer to the status of the owners; Pompeii was famous for producing a fish sauce Garum which was widely exported, the image of cupid riding a crab shows that the owners income may come from exporting this fish sauce.

In the Atrium of the house of the Vetti is a wall painting of Cupid the son of Venuswhich was a popular image in the late 1st century BC. Fourth style painting was popular after the earthquake in 62 AD. The Alexander mosaic is a copy of an original Greek panel painting by an artist called Philoxenos of Eretria.

The House of the Faun was named for the bronze statue of the dancing faun located, originally, on the lip of the impluviuma basin for catching rainwater; it has been moved to the center of the impluvium, as seen in the adjacent picture.

This image shows us that the owners not only had a sense of humour, but they were keen to show their wealthy status through imagery.

Although the eruption was devastating, the layers of ash covering the city preserved artworks, like the mosaics of the House of the Faun, which would have otherwise been likely destroyed or decayed due to the passage of time.

However, because the paintings in the house of the Vetti are so ostentatious and of such mixed themes, we can tell that the owners have very little knowledge or education in style and the significance of particular paintings in the house. In the exedra of the house of the Faun is an elaborate mosaic of the river Nile and many different exotic animals, such as hippopotami, crocodiles, snakes, ibises etc.

In the Ala of the house of the Faun is a mosaic of a nymph and a faun. Like with the picture of Priapus, this image is also intended to be comical.

House of the Faun

It also reveals that the owners have little knowledge of Greek mythology.The Alexander Mosaic was found during the excavation of Pompeii in in the “Casa del Fauno” (House of the Faun), one of Pompeii’s grandest residences. Today it is one of the most famous Roman mosaics. We will write a custom essay sample on Mosaics in Pompeii specifically for you for only $ $/page.

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Pompeii, Italy. Save. Share. Book In Advance. Daily Pompeii Group Tour with Archaeological Guide House of the Faun/5(). It is a beautiful print that was discovered in the House of Faun in Pompeii.

This mosaic depicts sea creatures of various types. This floor mosaic from Pompeii shows some of the many species of fish and other marine animals found in the sea around Italy and on the tables of Roman gourmands. Volcano and Pompeii Essay the end of this. The Site Of Pompeii History Essay.

Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, The people would use "gravel or ash", whatever they could to build walls for a house or bakery. (Ancient Times) "They would align the bricks on the wall, in diagonal rows." Using the colors of the cement and putting them in various patterns.

The city of Pompeii is historically famous for one reason: it was destroyed completely by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

Ancient Civilizations The City Of Pompeii.

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You. The Houses: To commence with, I will be writing about three houses I have studied, they are called: the House of Vettii, Villa of Mysteries and House of the Faun.

This time I will be looking at what life was like in Pompeii and how this .

An essay on the house of the faun pompeii
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