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One course required that two assignments be completed prior to the mid-term exam. I did get the course but the mark is certainly not any reflection of my time and effort. In one case, a student complained that the question required 40 data inputs and was this really necessary to demonstrate knowledge of the question.

Supplemental examinations are written as requested. I did fairly well the first time around and thought that this was be a nice refresher. Your written answers will be auto saved by the system in the event of technical difficulties; however, if you have not clicked Save after each multiple choice question, these will be lost.

Was this review helpful? You cannot write or request an examination before your course contract start date. It will specify the maximum amount of time that you have to complete the exam, whether or not you are allowed to bring specific items like a calculator into the exam room with you, and the format of the exam multiple choice, short answer, long answer, etc.

You should always ensure that you have been given the correct exam. As athabasca exam re write anime, interestingly enough, 2 assignments were required prior to the mid-term but NO assignments were required before the final exam!

Examination Request Deadlines

You will be charged an examination rebooking fee. When I inquired about the course breakdown, I was told that it would be too much marking from the course co-ordinators to handle more assignments.

You cannot use Internet Explorer to write your online exam. I will also disclose that I have graduated twice already with previous programs from different schools and I also completed a specialized MBA. I was completely stunned to see how low they were only to find out after the fact that every question had a twist or a subtle trick.

We can easily make it difficult and confusing to a child when teaching them how to tie their shoes but why?

Students may request exams by using the Online Examination Request form and will be provided with an email confirmation of their examination write date and time within two days of submitting the request.

When you arrive at the invigilation centre, access your exam by logging into your Athabasca University myAU portal. Policies Writing Your Online Exam You must write your online exam on a computer at an AU -approved invigilation testing centre with an invigilator present.

I will mention here that I have taken this accounting course in my prior learning but I was required by CPA to refresh because my original degree with 10 years old. As well, if you are frustrated, good, you should be. Acceptable forms of identification include any government-issued identification or an AU student ID card.

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If you are writing an online exam, they will be provided with these procedures via email. Arrive promptly for your examination.

What to Expect When You Write Your Exam : Current Student Program

This being said the courses I took here were needlessly confusing, the text was very unclear and the overall support was poor.

The second course really opened my eyes to the underlying perverted attitude that Athabasca has toward learning. Doing so will void the exam. If you require blank scrap paper during the exam, please bring this with you and present it to the invigilator for checking before you begin the exam.

The higher of the two marks will be used in calculating your final course grade. Let me learn the material first! The invigilator will authenticate you, and provide you with the necessary unlock codes to open your exam.

It is your responsibility to ensure that a computer with an Internet connection and an accepted web browser is available for your use at the invigilation centre. Latecomers can be extremely disruptive to other students writing examinations. In my opinion, the actual mid-term did not contain very much of the assignment material at all!

Even the instructors admit several times one the online discussions that often the question or material is confusing or poorly worded.

Examination Services

Once you have completed your exam, your invigilator will record the completion time and sign the exam header form. The Online Exam System allows you to return to the exam to check and change your answers at any time during the exam. The supplemental exam must be written no earlier than 10 days and no later than 30 days after submitting the request.

You will be asked to show proof of identification when you arrive to write your exam. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for a scheduled examination and you have not notified your exam invigilator you should try to rebook your examination. This additional time does not apply to other course work such as assignments and quizzes, which must be completed on or before the December 31 contract end date.Can I rewrite my exam?: Current Student Program.

AU provides students who may have not done as well as they expected on an exam with the opportunity to write a supplemental exam.

Can I rewrite my exam? : Current Student Program

You may request a supplemental exam by using the regular exam request process and paying the supplemental exam fee. Supplemental exams may be. If you have written your exam in Calgary or Edmonton, your exam will be forwarded to our Athabasca location for marking.

If you have written your exam somewhere else, your invigilator will return your exam to our Athabasca location via the return envelope that is provided in your exam package.

Any invigilator that I have utilized to write my exams for Athabasca says they have deplorable habits when it comes to sending exams correctly. Athabasca does not care about you as a student they "fee" everything and do not even bother contesting in their appeals department because it will fall on deaf ears.

Athabasca University Procedures May 7, Page 1 of 9 Undergraduate Exam Request and Completion Procedures (a) Guiding Policy Undergraduate Exam Request and Completion Policy () Effective Date September 1, Note: Students are advised to read these procedures thoroughly prior to making an exam request.

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You cannot use Internet Explorer to write your online exam. When you arrive at the invigilation centre, access your exam by logging into your Athabasca University myAU portal. Inside myAU, click on the Online Exam link. The invigilator will authenticate you, and provide you with the necessary unlock codes to open your exam.

Undergraduate Exam Request and Completion Procedures. AU’s Right to Require a Re-write of an Exam The University reserves the right to require that a student re-write an exam.

Athabasca exam re write anime
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