Chapter 2 research assignment

The size of the text appearing on the screen can be increased and the brightness of the page can be adapted to suit the reader. Who is the audience for this assignment—my teacher, my classmates, or someone else? When is the assignment due to the teacher, and in what form is it due?

Paper-based maps are designed as visual representations of a geographical area, such as a city, that are intended to help people find places and plan a route and navigate Chapter 2 research assignment way to an unfamiliar destination. There are also additional navigation functions that show how many pages have been read and how much of the book is left to be read.

Smartphone digital maps are based on a conceptual model of the physical map, using similar elements to show a geographical terrain. When your teacher expects you to do the following: All of these physical attributes contribute towards the legibility, memorability and ease of use of reading from paper.

People can locate themselves, plan the route, and monitor their navigational progress with both map systems. Answering this last question is important because your answer determines the level of effort you put into the writing project.

While the digital cover can appear the same on a screen it is less easy to pick it out from others that are stored on the ereader.

Paperback books are designed on a conceptual model of reading by turning a set of physical pages that are stitched together and supported by a spine.

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How will the assignment be evaluated? For example, the thesis you write in your final year to satisfy a graduation requirement will probably require more time and attention and stricter adherence to a systematic writing process than a response you may write for a homework assignment.

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To compensate the device provides zooming functions at various scales to enable the user to move through, expand or shrink the map. Bookmarks, or other artifacts, like paper tickets, receipts or a piece of paper are used to indicate where the reader has read up to when closing the book and then returning to it.

The look of the page is often similar to that of a paperback book - black text appearing on a white screen. Other functions include the use of gestural signs alongside the map in the form of arrows to show which direction to go and voice commands telling the user where to go when reaching a junction or cross roads.

Smartphone maps, however, are constrained by the size of the device screen. They require map reading skills — knowing how to locate yourself relative to the physical world and how to plan a route.

The first step is to make sure you understand the assignment and what your teacher wants you to do with it. The conceptual model is to provide a means of reading text from pages and to be able to move from page to page.

When reading a paper map users have to match where they are with what they are looking at in the map, such as landmarks or street names, in order to locate themselves.

An ebook is downloaded from an online store as a file and stored on one device. Not all writing projects warrant the same level of effort.) Two sets of observations, assessing annual income and the number of dental problems needing care, are compared.

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The main purpose of this assignment is for you to consider how a digital artifact has been designed based on the same. Having carefully gone over the readings in Chapter 2 and the Research Preparation Online Tutorial, select a topic of interest for your research paper for this keep in mind that you are going to use the same topic throughout the course to find various types and formats of information and to write your research paper for the course.

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Choose from different sets of assignment chapter 4 2 flashcards on Quizlet. View Homework Help - Ks Chapter 1 Research Assignment from PBU at Quincy University. Kathryn Dieterle Chapter 2 Research Task Assignment The global foreign direct investment market has had major.

Chapter 2: The Writing Process Prewriting. Understanding Your Assignment. Your writing task begins when you receive your writing assignment from your teacher. The first step is to make sure you understand the assignment and what your teacher wants you to .

Chapter 2 research assignment
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