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Toward a Triple Bottom Line Performance. Length Your essay should be about the equivalent of about 15 pages of traditional writing, and with a fully developed set of references and links to relevant sources.

The final essay can be the key learning project in a graduate course, enabling you to synthesize concepts, methods, and approaches in your own way, and the essay will be used to evaluate how you can work the major topics and concepts of the seminar. Be as creative as possible with the Web environment of your essay.

You will utilize the case study and your previous analysis to develop a new strategy plan for the organization addressing its social responsibility.

For instance I have the confidence in handling all computer and new technologies in all Final project original essay lessons.

Final Essay Project The Final Essay Project The final essay project for the seminar combines the well-established format of the research paper with the affordances of Web media. I have seen that I can use the Internet to get information. General Instructions Using the approaches, theories, and methods in the seminar, develop a topic for an extended essay with examples or cases to interpret or apply your ideas.

It was so challenging during mathematics and science where the new technology is applied. I am able to learn by using calculation tool spreadsheetmultimedia authoring that shows results and animates hyperstudioscientific equipments, graphing calculators and software, video tape for experiments, demonstrations and data gathering among other tools.

You may also find references that you can use in your own research. Most journal articles in all fields now require an abstract for a summary view of main points and findings. References and Citations Like all research papers, you must use research sources that would be recognized in the field.

Be sure to describe why certain components were selected and how they are important to the organization as related to social responsibility. Use embedded media only to support your argument or as key examples in your research.

One of the ways is the use of multimedia. This provided vast information throughout my research. Main body of the essay: Your essay should present evidence and argument that draws on the research literature s of the relevant fields.

Final Essay Project

Through this research I am able to identify the very best teaching materials to be used in classroom. If issues of ethics did not need to be considered or revised, explain why.

Refer to the following online guide for a quick summary of citation styles: Interdisciplinary work requires a statement of methods being used and combined.

Self-directed research has given me the opportunity to identify new ways of learning.

Final Project Paper essay

In other words, how did you account for the internal and external influences that affected the first strategy plan in the development of your revised strategy plan? Follow the guidelines there for a successful structure to the presentation of your argument and research.

Your thesis is a summary of your conclusion. Writing the abstract comes toward the end of the research and writing process for a project, and will help clarify your thinking and tighten up the written presentation.

Then, you will devise a revised strategy plan that addresses any gaps and risks you have identified in regard to social responsibility. WordPress is our content platform, not a blog.

You will examine the impact this has on the internal and external stakeholders of the company, as social responsibility impacts them the most. Wikipedia may be OK for basic fact checking, but it is not a primary source for research.View Essay - Final Paper week 7 CRITICAL from PHL at Southern New Hampshire University.

1 Final Project: Critical Essay Final Project: Critical Essay August 20, There is91%(11). For this project, you will analyze the case study ITC LTD: Toward a Triple Bottom Line Performance. Final Project Submission: Final Case Study Analysis and Strategy Proposal.

Final Project Submission: Final Case Study Analysis and Strategy Proposal

March 27, Assignment Answers. We guarantee high quality, original, and unique papers. PSY Final Project Guidelines and Rubric By choosing this option, you will write out your speech in essay form.

PSY 790 Final Project Guidelines and Rubric

Be sure to address the four bullet. We will write a custom essay sample on Final Project Paper specifically for you for only $ $/page. Focus of the Final Project. Students will write a Feature Story (, words) on a topic and for a magazine of their choice.

Final Project Paper. How About Make It Original? Let us edit for you at only $ to make it %. To Kill A Mockingbird Final Project RUBRIC Your final project for To Kill A Mockingbird is a group project.

You and up to three (3) other people will. Question Final Project • You will research a company of your choice in the lodging industry. (I CHOSE THE RITZ CARLTON hotel chain) • You will provide.

Final project original essay
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