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Rhett says he will do what he can. He realizes that she has been drinking heavily despite her attempts to cover up the smell with cologne.

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Ashley makes Scarlett promise to take care of Melanie before they share one passionate kiss. Rhett dotes on the girl and begins a successful campaign to win back the good graces of the prominent Atlanta citizens in order to keep Bonnie from being an outcast like Scarlett. Under moonlight and just as their horse dies of exhaustion, they arrive at Tara to find it still standing but derelict, having been used as headquarters for Northern troops.

The start of the war is finally announced and all the young gentlemen rush to enlist. One day, Will brings terrible news: The matriarchs who have returned to their homes must protect themselves with both bodyguards and weapons. One day she hears that Ashley is engaged to Melanie Hamilton, his frail, plain cousin from Atlanta.

Scarlett hires hungry convicts who are exploited by a cruel, former prison overseer John Wray. She refuses credit to her poor neighbors and makes lucrative deals with Northern businessmen.

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Rhett locks himself in his room with the body after shooting the pony, refusing to allow anyone in, including Scarlett who can only bang on the door screaming at him.

A few days later Rhett visits the now twice-widowed Scarlett. Hickman hosts a barbecue party at his Twelve Oaks plantation. Tara symbolizes the way of life and the entire world as perceived by plantation families.

After burying her father, Scarlett again seeks the help of the only man she knows who possesses enough wealth to help her: Belle says that she has a son studying up North and helped the men because of Melanie rather than Scarlett. Soon enough another few months later, Ashley arrives at Tara and Melanie rushes to embrace him.

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News of the event spreads quickly through the town. The establishment of the Ku Klux Klan and nightriders creates fear as well as antagonistic courts and law enforcers.

Several hours later, Rhett appears back at the home with Ashley and Dr. Prissy finds him enjoying himself at a local brothel run by Belle Watling Ona Munson. On the way to the sawmill, two men attack Scarlett from behind and overpower her before she can use her gun.

She scolds Scarlett for having been married twice already and relents that she seems to be destined as a spinster. She spitefully agrees to marry him, hoping to hurt Ashley.

Rhett says that they are two of a kind; partners in crime, and he marries her anyway. When Melanie can no longer lactate for the baby, they resolve to milk a stray cow for sustenance. Gerald dies, and Scarlett returns to Tara for the funeral.

Most of them boast of how the South will surely win the war but one gentleman, Rhett Butler Clark Gablea visitor from Charleston, South Carolina, disagrees.

Conditions in the jail, however, are hardly bleak:Gone with the Wind is a historical romance that uses Scarlett O’Hara as the symbol for Reconstruction in the South.

Like Atlanta, which sheds its. A short summary of Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind. This free synopsis covers all the crucial plot points of Gone with the Wind. Jun 07,  · Gone With The Wind Essay Words | 5 Pages Margaret Munnerlyn Mitchell was the American author who won the Pulitzer Prize in for her immensely successful novel, Gone with the Wind, that was published in essays papers - Gone With the Wind.

Gone With the Wind: Born Survivors Essay examples - Gone With the Wind: Born Survivors Gone With the Wind is a novel written by Margaret Mitchell which focuses on the life of a Southern belle during the Civil War. Gone with the Wind () on IMDb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more.

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Gone with the wind essay outline
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