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Tips for writing a CV for drama

If you are prepared to work hard and have fun, our team is here to support you. Do not inflate salary details, although average bonuses or performance payments can be given. Careers Wales has bi-lingual advice covering all these areas and also includes help for jobseekers under the age of However, people also listen in different ways depending on the time of day.

So, we asked her to give us the inside track on how the commissioning process works at BBC Radio 4 and where a budding scriptwriter should start if they want to write for radio. Then, write to the producer. She spends many evenings watching performances and going along film screenings.

For example, if you taught a former boss how to use a new type of software, you can talk about how you will do something similar if offered this new job. Showcasing your specific achievements related to the job description is important, too. That is precisely what our radio host CV sample did.

He now works for one of those companies who got in touch - Vitamins Direct - as head of web sales and online marketing.

Frustrated while moving in and out of temporary jobs, he decided he needed to stand out from other candidates. Co-founder and writer in residence at Prolifiko failed academic and ex-philosophy lecturer maker of unpopular short comedy films.

However, not only should the writer master how to convey their story only with dialogue, they must also understand how people listen to the radio in the specific slot they are writing for. For example, comedy slots in the early evening need to pick people up after a day at work.

The main items to include in the education section are the name of your degree and the school you went to. Training and Development It is not advisable to give a long list of training courses attended, but some relevant training and development information may be helpful. A well structured CV will do this for you and getting it right is easy.

For example, the equivalent of the CV in the US is the "resume". Again, that is only something to do if you do not have a lot of work experience yet. You will receive instructions on how to put together your personal statement, work history, achievements, education, skill set, and hobbies.

How to write for radio: 7 tips by a BBC Radio 4 commissioner

However, if there are aspects, which provide evidence of relevant knowledge, skills or personality then these are worth listing. You only need to put it if you graduated recently. An unusual hobby can be worth mentioning, as it will give your CV an interesting feature that the reader remembers.

Learning photography and videography in my spare time. The guidelines are freely available to download. For example, comedy slots in the early evening need to pick people up after a day at work.

This can include specific awards, but it can also involve listing ways you helped previous employers.

List these skills in their own separate section. It is easy to write a CV for a job if you have held a similar position in the past, which is the case for the radio host CV sample.

It is also optional to list relevant coursework. Know the specific slot that you see your piece being suitable for too — be it a sitcom, sketch or drama.

How to write a successful CV

Significantly, almost half of these candidates are perfectly suitable for the role, according to research by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development CIPD So that makes their CV - or curriculum vitae - all the more important when attempting to stand out from the crowd.

If you went to college, there is no need to state you have a high school diploma.

How to break into radio writing: 7 tips by BBC Radio 4 commissioner Caroline Raphael

Communication, leadership, and interpersonal skills are crucial in this line of work, and even if you have not worked as a radio host, you can still talk about experiences where you exemplified those traits. Help and examples There are plenty of useful tools and templates to assist people writing up their CV for the first time, or brushing up an existing one.

West Coast Radio is looking for a dedicated radio host with love for music and a commitment to curating excellent content. For those looking for a job, a database of jobs held by Jobcentre Plus is a good place to start. Do not waste space by detailing early and irrelevant jobs.

The best course of action is to play up your main selling points. Mentioning the exact software helps greatly if the employer uses an Applicant Tracking System to scan through numerous CVs quickly to determine which ones contain certain keywords.

If this is the case then the first set of "eyes" to see it might be an automated search for key words, so experts suggest applicants ensure mandatory requirements in the job advert are included in a CV.

BBC Radio 4 Comedy, has two formal commissioning rounds each year, one in the autumn and another in the spring. Volunteer at the local animal shelter biweekly. The spring guidelines normally appear around the end of February.Writing for radio is a format that aspiring scriptwriters often overlook in favour of TV and film – a far tougher prospect.

Whether you’re interested in writing drama or comedy, plays or sketches, BBC Radio 4 commissions hundreds of hours of original material every year – far more than BBC TV – and is always on the look out for new writing talent. If you aren’t sure where to start with writing your CV, start by looking at our free radio host cv template attached below for inspiration.

There are also tips to help you learn how to write your professional summary, work experience, and skills in a way that is tailored to a specific job description. Writing a Short Story for BBC Radio 4. Getting Commisssioned. Writing Tips. I got the idea of writing for radio from one of the workshops.

From then on I made sure to listen to short stories on Radio 4. Getting people whose opinion I trust to read and feedback on my work is essential for me and so after help from SarahButler, Rebex. Sep 08,  · Make your CV stand out in drama. - BBC's Learning Portal.

How to prepare a CV and perform in a job interview

Tips for writing a CV for drama. Make your CV stand out in drama. Jump media player. Media player help.

Radio Host CV Template

Out. BBC Radio Scotland – Corporate Team Building; A Level Results: Why it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a career plan yet; BBC News. How to write a successful CV. Employers receive an average of 60 applicants for every advertisement for a low-skilled job, and 20 for every skilled job. Kevin Peachey reports on the advice available for.

Whether you’re interested in writing drama or comedy, plays or sketches, BBC Radio 4 commissions hundreds of hours of original material every year – far more than BBC TV – and is always on the look out for new writing talent.

BBC Radio 4 commissioner Caroline Raphael offers her top tips for aspiring radio .

Help writing a cv bbc radio
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