Movie review of gladiator the movie

Rather they used their fingers, wooden spoons or wads of bread. Proximo and his men, including Hagen, sacrifice themselves to enable Maximus to escape.

Caesar Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus, reign: Commodus, upon hearing this, murders his father. Riley is a rare commodity, a white fighter in a sea of black and Hispanic faces, and Horn smells money in the exploitation of racial tensions in the ring.

The film is unrelenting in offering up awe-inspiring scenes of combat and carnage interspersed with healthy doses of character development driven by themes of loyalty, mistrust, ambition and cold revenge. Skin tones are spot on and the contrast is inky black and makes the picture look very 3D.

Therefore, enter Russell Crowe as a betrayed imperial general, sold into slavery as a gladiator, who fights his way back to Rome to avenge himself upon the devious new emperor that double-crossed him and murdered his family. Roman soldiers wear an armor from the 1st century A.

He also looks dramatically valiant and virile in all that armor. Then listen to me. Aside from those films, however, his resume is littered with mediocre and unpromising titles, such as his most recent outing, G.

S-word 1, bitch 1 - Sex: In Movie review of gladiator the movie arena, Maximus tells the spectators and Commodus that he is the general of the Felix legions.

Director Ridley Scott reinvigorated the grand historical epic genre, while star Russell Crowe established himself as a charismatically intense hero, comfortable in any epoch.

Maximus succumbs to his wounds.

Gladiator (2000): Movie Summary

They also used 2, live actors to create a computer-generated crowd of 35, virtual actors that had to look believable and react to fight scenes. In reality, the shoulder armour was worn on the left shoulder because being left-handed was frown upon in Rome and he would never wear a helmet as it would give him too much of an advantage.

These actions prompt Commodus to challenge Maximus in the Coliseum with the fate of Rome at stake. The Gracchis were murdered as well as Caesar. Ridley Scott introduction, the extended version of the film, Commentaries, Scrolls of Knowledge: Oliver Reed as Antonius Proximo: The general, however, escapes death, slaying his would-be killers, then races home to protect his wife and son.

Gladiator – 4K UHD Blu-ray Review

Reed passed away partway through filming, and his scenes where completed with the help of doubles and imaginative computer trickery. Throughout, his only motivation is that of a man bent of seeking revenge for the murder of his wife, son and beloved emperor Marcus Aurelius whom we watch being smothered by his son.

Djimon Hounsou as Juba: Renamed Spaniard and forced to become a gladiator, Maximus must battle to the death with other men for the amusement of paying audiences. Maximus is arrested by guards and is told that he and his family will die.

Maximus was the general of Rome and a really good general at that. The UHD version of this film is the new standard. The powerful general is unable to save his family, and his loss of will allows him to get captured and put into the Gladiator games until he dies. Maximus allows his quest for revenge to consume him, while Commodus becomes obsessed with the need to publicly usurp and humiliate the popular gladiator once he returns to Rome.

Many scenes feature seemingly thousands of extras, with live actors blended seamlessly with CGI effects. Download-2 In the yearthe death of emperor Marcus Aurelius throws the Roman Empire into chaos.

Gladiator (2000)

Screenplay[ edit ] Gladiator was based on an original pitch by David Franzoniwho wrote the first draft. In Roman history, there were actually two Gracchis who were actually both murdered because they were disliked by crooked senators who used violence to get ahead.

This is a film you will never grow tired of viewing. Commander of the Armies of the North. GLADIATOR trades on the same message in a slightly different package, packing a plea for racial tolerance between the punches and assuring viewers that everything will indeed be alright if we can just work together.

The scenes of Rome are spectacular, and the arena fights are up close and personal.Up Next Braveheart - 4K UHD Blu-ray Movie Review Synopsis Featuring the theatrical and extended edition, this Academy Award winning film depicts the story of a brave general, Maximus Decimus Meridius, who was forced into slavery, emerged as a gladiator and defied the Roman empire.

‘Gladiator’ 4K Blu-ray Review: Is It Worth the Upgrade?

May 05,  · When Commodus lifts his late father's ban on gladiators in Rome, in an attempt to distract the people from hunger and plagues, Maximus slashes his way to the top, and the movie ends, of course, with the Big Fight.2/5.

Gladiator Movie Review: Watch Gladiator Online Free. Download Link: Download-1 Download Link: Download-2 In the yearthe death of emperor Marcus Aurelius throws the Roman Empire into chaos.

Gladiator (United States, 2000)

Maximus is one of the Roman army‘s most capable and trusted generals and a key advisor to the emperor. As Marcus’ devious son. Gladiator movie reviews & Metacritic score: Before Maximus (Crowe), the heroic Roman General, can honor the wishes of his dying emperor Marcus Aurelius (Harr. Gladiator has its creaky moments, but it delivers a particular kind of visceral historical spectacle that movie audiences haven't seen in decades.

Read full review Russell Crowe solidly anchors this epic-scale gladiator movie - the first in nearly four decades - by using his burly frame and expressive face to give dimension to what might otherwise have been comic book heroics%.

Movie review of gladiator the movie
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