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Other information includes a number of affidavits - in one of which [page 5] the recent former members of Majestic 12 are named: I was not invited, I cannot attest to anything that is being talked about on stage in Zurich.

Dr Peterson is an extremely well-informed insider - and a most remarkable and brilliant scientist - who has come forward to talk with us publicly on video because he feels the issues he cares deeply about, and knows about, are too important to keep silent about.

There was a most remarkable atmosphere in the Conference and a number of amazing Project camalot occurred.

First, to devise procedures for assessing the potential for internal war within national societies; Second, to identify with Project camalot degrees of confidence those actions which a government might take to relieve conditions which are assessed as giving rise to a potential for internal war; and Finally, to assess the feasibility of prescribing the characteristics of a system for obtaining and using the essential information for doing the above two things.

This one is worth it. I would not recommend them under any condition. They would not accept our explanation that we hosted hundreds of video and audio files Delegates have booked from 25 different countries: We have many hours of testimony. Meanwhile, Kerry and I are working through the material recorded during our visit to Dr Peterson.

Background[ edit ] Military-funded social science[ edit ] Government-funded social science projects, especially in the field of psychology, increased dramatically during and after World War II. John Waterman regarding the homeopathic remedy that replaces the Project camalot for vaccinations as well as delved into the overall intentional nature of the sudden outbreaks of the swine flu virus that we are seeing around the world as it relates to the agenda of the PTB powers-that-be: There is practically no limit to the research that can be, and ought to be, undertaken on the subject of internal war.

Project Camelot

There is much more By the federal government was the leading employer of psychologists, most of whom it coordinated through the Office of Scientific Research and Development. Besides the presentation material - some of which we believe is important - this will be a major international networking event.

The order for a "centrally coordinated applied research effort" originated in early with Office of the Chief of Research and Development, Project camalot passed through the Office of the Director of Defense Research and Engineering and the Army Research and Development Office.

Everything will be presented on video in due course, including a Futuretalk with Bill, David, Dan and Marci, which was recorded privately on Thursday evening. The third and fourth hours, which Kerry is now working on, consist of David again, and finally Kerry.

Click here for a link to the live audio, which should start streaming automatically. Please book early as this event is expected to sell out. We again thank Henry for his great courage in stepping forward so publicly. The nature of his testimony, as he described to us in a preliminary phone conversation, was so extraordinary that I immediately flew to the US for the weekend, where Kerry and I were joined by David Wilcock - the first time the three of us have interviewed a witness together.

In working through this rough cut to recommend further edits and improvements - which is our standard process - I found myself driven to state again how important we feel this interview is.

But Dan Burisch, being a microbiologist, answered about the former - stating that he felt there was scientific evidence that vaccines helped to reduce disease.

There is much, much more, but I am writing this in the departure lounge of the same airport, and I have no more time as my flight is being called.

The development of a simulation of internal national conflict under revolutionary Project camalot conditions"; Abt Associates, Inc. I consider, particularly under current conditions, this effort to be seriously detrimental to U.

In the meantime, stay tuned: Commentators identified an apparently conservative influence of Army sponsorship on sociological investigation, citing the central focus on "stability" as the most desired outcome.

Mea culpa, and I apologize. Project CAMELOT is a study whose objective is to determine the feasibility of developing a general social systems model which would make it possible to predict and influence politically significant aspects of social change in the developing nations in the world.

Schelling from Harvard, and Charles Wolf, Jr. We are taking steps to move Avalon to another host as soon as possible. By sequential search of various patterns of variables under various initial conditions, the game is designed to highlight those variables decisive for the description, indication, prediction, and control of internal revolutionary conflict.

It has never before been made public. This contains essential information for anyone who is concerned about how we might be affected by a co-ordinated worldwide program of mandatory vaccinations. MurrowVallance testified in men wanted for hazardous journey.

low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. All donations go to support the work of Project Camelot and Project Avalon. Please note that donations to Projects Camelot or Avalon are. PROJECT CAMELOT. 53, likes · talking about this. Project Camelot's purpose is to provide a vehicle for researchers and 'whistleblowers' to get.

The Sleep of King Arthur in Avalon, Edward Coley Burne-Jones (Birmingham, – London, ) oil on canvas, x in. ( x cm).


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What Camelot is about is the .

Project camalot
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