Short essay on pleasure of walking

We get a sound body to enjoy the beauties of life. If you were acting up it would have been different.

Walking While Black

Walking after meals helps us to digest food. There we can find beautiful beds of flowers of different colours and varieties for our immense pleasure. They are seen flying from tree to tree and give a message to be active and fresh. We long to look, to think, to talk, to get away.

But if we belong to the countryside, we come upon beautiful sights of the open landscape, fields and meadows, gardens and lakes, fountains, waterfalls, and streams. People have a pleasant walk in nearby parks and gardens.

Officers have to sit for six to eight hours a day and do desk-work. Much of my walking is as my friend Rebecca once described it: It is fragrant with blossoming flowers cool with the over-night dew-fall.

Young men walk briskly. Some days, when I am fed up with being considered a troublemaker upon sight, I joke that the last time a cop was happy to see a black male walking was when that male was a baby taking his first steps.

Rural dwellers enjoy pleasures of walking in routine every day. I strolled into my better self.

Free sample essay on walking as an exercise

No diet or tonic can be as effective as the morning walk. The ascents and descents of mountains are both enjoyable and life giving.

A morning walk helps us to do positive thinking. I enjoy taking a stroll in the morning with companions, and sometimes alone.

I myself have witnessed and endured it more than once. No parents had told me how to behave when I was stopped by the police, how to be as polite and cooperative as possible, no matter what they said or did to me.

I am never troubled by bad throat or bad cold. Moments later, I was against his car in handcuffs. One of them, digging through my already-emptied pockets, asked if I had any weapons, the question more an accusation.

I enjoy a sound sleep.Pleasure of Walking.

Short Essay on Morning Walk

Other activities generate more conversation and media coverage, but none of them approaches walking in number of participants. Approximately half of. Words Essay on morning walk (free to read). There is an old proverb, "A sound mind lives in a sound body". Sound body means sound health which depends on several factors.

Morning walk is one of them. It is a boon for health. No diet or tonic can be as effective as the morning walk. It is the best and the cheapest form of exercise. There are charms and pleasures of walking which none but pedestrians know.

"To any person who has all his senses about him a quiet walk along not more than ten or twelve miles of a road a day, is the most amusing of all travellings," says Ruskin.

Young men walk briskly. Old men keep an easy pace. With them time is no consideration. Aug 11,  · The government needs to increase the walking parks so that people get into the habit of walking.

In the days of hectic work schedule-twenty-four-seven, walking is the only pleasure one should not avoid in Grammar and Essay. Write an Essay on Evening Walk. Article shared by. The evening walk has its own pleasure as evening time is as thrill­ing as morning.

Because of the sunset sky is scarlet coloured. Words Short Essay on An Evening Walk by the Sea Shore ; Short Essay on an Aeroplane Crash. Morning walk is a good exercise. An early-riser can be a regular morning walker. The benefits of morning walk are manifold.

In the early morning everything looks fresh and fair. The atmosphere remains pleasant and calm. A morning walker breathes pollution-free air.

He enjoys lovely sights and sounds of nature. All this soothes his soul.

Short essay on pleasure of walking
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