Six sigma coursework

Our rigorous online Black Belt curriculum enables Purdue students to immediately begin applying their LSS Six sigma coursework and skills to their current work environment. Students who successfully finish the course typically devote 45 hours to study, which includes about 25 hours of viewing video lectures and 20 hours of doing other coursework.

The Six Sigma graduate certificate online is especially beneficial to individuals working in manufacturing and production-oriented industries, as well as customer service.

Testing Qualification Levels

Employees are the greatest assets of any organization, investing in their professional development will strengthen any team and identify areas in which employees will excel. It is primarily used to uncover root causes of an effect, but is also useful for diagramming an organization, showing hierarchies of parts, 5 Whys, and project planning.

It includes pre-work, weekly learning modules and breaks. Purdue University respects your right to privacy. Students learn the problem-solving framework for improving processes — Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control DMAIC — and also receive instruction in the tools for streamlining production and services from end to end.

Students also are encouraged to begin thinking about their Black Belt projects. Participants will need to meet project completion and Six sigma coursework criteria in order to be awarded certification. Why are sales trending down?

The Lean component of LSS focuses on eliminating non-customer value added waste in a process.

Enhance your performance and credibility with a professional certificate program

Learning Tools and Activities In addition to the learning tools and activities that are part of all Purdue online Lean Six Sigma courses, LSS Green Belt students engage in assignments relating to a case study that simulates a real-world project.

Supporting our students and clients is our top priority. Count on the ongoing support of dedicated academic and career advisors specialized in your area of study Career Outlook The Six Six sigma coursework graduate certificate online program provides the educational knowledge which can help you prepare for the Six Sigma Black Belt certification.

The courses are reasonably priced. Who Can Benefit Professionals, usually with at least two years of experience, who meet the course prerequisites. The group should have a designated facilitator to write down ideas and keep the process going, but one person can rarely write fast enough to keep up with the group so consider selecting two or three people to capture ideas.

Gate reviews take place at the end of each phase of these processes. It is an inherently creative process, and when facilitated correctly gives everyone an opportunity to contribute.

It provides students with advanced understanding of Lean Six Sigma methodologies, tools and techniques and is an opportunity to master the subject matter by conducting a Black Belt-level improvement project. Determining the cause of process problems and issues Using statistical tools to measure and analyze deviations from effective processes Taking corrective steps to eliminate issues and improve processes Controlling process deviations to ensure an efficient process and quality outcomes View Full Curriculum in the Catalog Courses May Include QSO Applied Statistics for Managers This course will provide the students with statistical tools and techniques that will enable them to make an immediate impact in their careers.

Z World Class Materials Acuity Institute has built an excellent reputation of providing superior training materials.

They can also come in handy in the next step, creating categories. Case studies and the use of computer technology will be integral to the course.

Time management strategies, problem-solving techniques and decision-making tools are emphasized. Enjoy the flexibility of taking courses online or on campus. Who Can Benefit Project managers and process owners who want to learn how use Lean Six Sigma to make improvement projects more successful.

It is an introduction to current quality management approaches, statistical quality control and quality improvement techniques. Professionals in health careeducation and the military, among many other industries, who are interested in pursuing Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification. Black Belt course projects require students to collect data and analyze it with Six Sigma The Black Belt Memory Jogger: A Pocket Guide for Six Sigma Success (): Paul Sheehy, Daniel Navarro, Robert Silvers.

This course was very comprehensive. Very helpful. All of the course materials were very thorough and helpful. Would recommend SSGI as a vendor for anyone looking to obtain Six Sigma Certification.

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Take advantage of the Online MBA. The online Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certificate course is designed for busy professionals with little or no prior experience with Lean Six Sigma. Discover the difference between Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma, how the methodologies translate in the workplace and which method is best to enhance your efforts.

Six sigma coursework
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