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Like Genghis Khan, he also had numerous wives and concubines who gave birth. These children of Khan having had many more children helped to expand his genetic legacy across the continent.

Genghis Khan Leadership Profile

Some were used as human shields in front of the Mongol army during subsequent attacks. Only the size of the later British Empire eclipsed it. He put his troops through vigorous and strict military training, teaching his men to shoot deadly accurate arrows while riding on horses.

Genghis Khan monument in Ulaanbatar, Mongolia, in front of the parliament. These trading cities were important for commerce between the various empires and kingdoms. This helped Khan consolidate his power. The heirs to Genghis Khan were also prolific. Also check out our Leadership Profiles book series.

Genghis Khan was born around in Mongolia.

“Super Father” Genghis Khan has up to 16 million male descendants

Khan A brutal and merciless warlord who slaughtered countless lives and dominated with fear over vast lands; or an inspiring leader who brought modernization, change and progress to numerous nations? One possible theory on who they were is that these men may have been less powerful rulers who governed mini-empires along the famous Silk Road trade routes.

During his reign, he ruled over more land than any other ruler in history — a territory twice the size of the Roman Empire. Be humble enough to realize that you can learn from anyone, anywhere. His descendents further expanded his empire after his death.

One of his children was thought to have had 40 sons of his own by wives and concubines, with an unknown number of children from many other women. This greatly angered Khan and he began his westward campaign.

For instance, he learnt new siege techniques from the Chinese and incorporated them into his own military strategies. The other men with multiple descendants are still a mystery. As a result, he managed to defeat several other factions, and eventually even capture the great city of Beijing.

Preparation is key When battling the nomadic tribes of Mongolia, Khan prepared several military tactics and traps before facing off with his enemy. It was the strict training and discipline of his army that almost conquered the entire known world.

Leaders never stop learning. Even more astounding was that up to 8 percent of men living within the former area of the Mongol empire have Y chromosomes related to that royal line. That task is left for you. Good luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

Each time a new city was conquered, large segments of the population, both human and animal, were slaughtered.

Leadership lessons from Genghis Khan

After conquering a territory, Genghis Khan would get the first pick of women to add to his harem. If you want to excel against your competition today, the same principle applies. He was very open to learn the technologies, practices and even religions of the different territories he conquered.Like most supposedly "natural" athletes whose innate ability is backed by tens of thousands of hours of practice and training, Genghis Khan honed his natural abilities through disciplined study.

In management circles it's too easy to dismiss leadership as something one is either born with or else one completely lacks. Genghis Khan has a majority of leadership traits, which does not change as him moves from situation to situation.

I will analyze three aspects traits of Genghis Khan, which are physical or background traits, personality of ability traits, and task or social traits.

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If you are stuck with writing or missing ideas, scroll down and find inspiration in the best samples. Khan died in and left his kingdom to his son, Ogedei Khan.

His descendents further expanded his empire after his death. Leadership Lessons from Genghis Khan 1. Be a great student. Although Genghis Khan was a great conqueror, he never stopped being open to new cultures.

Today, Genghis Khan is known as one of the most skilled and innovative warriors in history. Lesson Summary Mongolia is a country located between China and Russia, and historically it has been inhabited by nomadic tribes. Not all leaders are born leaders. Genghis Khan as a little boy was not a likely person for being such a powerful and leader of the Mongol empire.

Study on the leader genghis khan
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