Terrorism has no religion

It is a way of life that guides your actions and forms your character. Terrorism has no religion and it never will. This coupled with an already disturbed mental condition, creates killer squads.

You have a perfect tool to defend the Dharma — the modern science! Nobody is going to help you when it comes to religious issue. People may just make controversial remarks for political mileage and it has nothing to do with a religion.

Much like Lady Gaga who lives for "the applause, applause, applause," The Donald lives for those cameras rolling. All Indians should be with him. The term "Submission" i. We welcomed democracy in Argelia, but when the FIS won the elections, we looked the other way when the army staged a coup and started a civil war.

The terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaida who kill innocent people are actually, by the definition of the Quran, not Submitters Muslimsbut plain murderers.

Yet The Donald says we should blame Islam and fear Muslims. Al-Biruni even divided Hindus into an educated and an uneducated class. Terrorism does not please any God and does not make any man a better man. Most of the Naxals are born Hindus. So terrorists and criminals are among Hindus too.

You shall not kill — GOD has made life sacred — except in the course of justice. Yet Muslims have been coming to this country since the 17th century. Knowledge will lead anyone to Sanatan Dharma. My father-in-law was a general surgeon who saved hundreds of lives over the span of his career.

And a huge population supports people like Memon and Zakir Naik. He is an Iranian-born Muslim.

The things they have in common are hatred, lack of respect for human life and lethal weapons. To begin with, at one moment or the other, most of the Muslim countries have recently been Western colonies or protectorates the most significance exceptions, Turkey and Persia -now Iran- also were under heavily hit.

The insecure Mullahs not all Mullahs sow seeds of fanaticism among youngsters. Unless, of course, you put the word Islamic first. There are lots of front organizations in the name of social service to recruit students for the business groups under the banner of Naxalism.

My mother-in-law, a devout Muslim who wears a hijab head scarfhas delivered over 3, children into the world - here in the United States.

The true religion of Submission Islam, in Arabic forbids the killing of innocent people, irrespective of the cause—religious, political or social beliefs. And the vast majority of those are carried out by non-Muslims.

Hindus and Muslims were so much closely knitted even that time. Newsletters may offer personalized content or advertisements. For the purpose of full disclosure, I am the product of a Jewish and Christian parent.

A rather long rationale

This common striving encourages unity within a diverse group of people who advance their personal strides by learning from one another. Since the San Bernardino attacks, we have learned that one of the victims was Muslim.

And no religion should be blamed for murder. In Islam, the best among us in the sight of God is not the white or the black, the male or the female, a person who calls himself or herself Christian, Jew, or Muslim, but rather, the one who is the most righteous.

After their sometimes bloody independence, the West including Israel has been either: Terrorism therefore has no religion.Terrorism has no religion? Terrorism has no religion. ये सुना सुना सा लग रहा है ना?

हर दूसरे तीसरे महीने किसी आतंकी हमले के बाद यही ब्रह्म-वाक्य सुनने को मिलता है. There is the radical right, the radical left, even the radical centre, whatever that means. Traditionally associated with the 18th-century English struggle to extend the franchise and with the cause of freedom, it has been one of those words no modern politician can do without.

“Terrorism has no religion,” Imam Abdul Quddus Arif, of the local Ahmadiyya Muslim community, told HuffPost UK on Sunday, slamming the assailants’ twisted. Sep 07,  · terrorism has NO religion terrorism has NO religion terrorism has NO religion terrorism has NO religion terrorism has NO religion — ♔ (@Mrsmalik_8) November 14, Terrorism knows no borders, has no boundaries and has no place in any religion.

Terrorism has no religion, but currently the large majority of terrorists are Muslims Key word here - CURRENTLY! In every era, there is group of people with some. Bangladeshis have taken to the streets calling for justice in light of a spate of deaths in road traffic accidents.

The government's response has been to cripple internet services and .

Terrorism has no religion
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