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Title IX: Shift in Focus from Education to Athletics

The 1 percent rule makes plenty of sense, but should men athletes suffer because of the lack of female athletes. Today, women are excelling in every realm of athletics and education as a direct result of Title IX. Title IX was designed to allow women to get funding for equipment, provide athletic scholarships, publicity, and facilities, along with other important related issues.

College athletic administrators, coaches, and directors began to realize the potential enormity this legislation could have on athletics, and soon enough many ordinary Americans also began questioning the obvious gender inequity in the field of sports. Title IX originally came to passage in order to specifically battle gender inequity and discrimination in education.

Another factor that helped plaintiffs in such lawsuits was the Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act, which Congress passed in Why would this great team and its fans be in despair?

Title IX Laws and Intercollegiate Athletics

However, since the law applied to the entirety of an institution receiving federal funds, not just a specific program, athletics fell under its jurisdiction and therefore needed to be addressed Ware, 4.

The law was purposely designed to specifically cover the banning of sex discrimination within educational institutions because previous laws like Title VII and the Civil Rights Act of did not apply to education but instead focused solely on discrimination in employment Ware, 3.

Applications Content of Title IX According to Title ix research paper thesis US Department of Education, Title IX "is designed to eliminate with certain exceptions discrimination on the basis of sex in any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance" Office for Civil Rights,p.

Title IX in the future may cause for a rewrite of the current ruling. Many experts argue that although the law has bridged the gender gap, there is still much work to be done and that women are still not given an equal opportunity.

Ironically, the opponents of Title IX, mostly men, actually drew positive attention to the fight for equity in athletics through their lobbying against it. Many schools were still following the methods they adopted in the 70s, which dealt with Title IX by linking participation opportunities to the proportions of male and female enrollments.

The Carter, Reagan, and George H. Since its enactment inTitle IX has worked to lawfully end sex discrimination in schools by requiring safe and accessible learning environments for both sexes, guaranteeing pregnant and parenting students equal opportunities, and requiring that course offerings and career counseling not be limited by gender Kilman.

In the first few years after Title IX was passed, it was unclear what, if anything, colleges and universities would be required to do to remedy this situation. Along with women being denied entrance into university, women were also unable to have access to financial aid and graduate programs such as computer engineering, medicine, and law.

One of the most deleterious of these inequalities was the earning gap between men and women. There are plenty of spectators spread all over the park.

To round out the career of the Friars the team took home a win, and for the last time. Enforcing Title IX Although the plan included a three-part test to prove compliance with the portion of Title IX dealing with athletics, the test was ignored throughout most of the s.

Students are also protected against sexual harassment by faculty members as well as against gender bias in standardized testing, textbooks, and in the use of technology. Brown University contributed to the increasing wariness on the part of colleges and universities of Title IX lawsuits.

While Title IX is most well-known in relation to college athletics, the legislation is applicable to myriad other Over the first four decades of its existence, Title IX has garnered many vocal supporters and critics.

However, many aspects of education were negatively affected by the intense focus on sports. The entire section is 4, words. Generally speaking, the policymakers and officials in D.

InCohen v. However, nowadays this is often not the case. The president stated, academics come first and that the administrators searched for another way to handle the situation, but no solution better came up.

Despite these accusations, Title IX is legislation with which all educational institutions must comply. Additionally, most institutions merged their previously segregated athletic departments, naturally resulting with men in charge of administrative positions in athletic departments.

Despite all this, Title IX is most well known for the impact it has had on intercollegiate athletics. Currently, educational institutions are generally committed to enforcing Title IX in their educational programs. Initially, its supporters focused on the demand for gender equality in education and the workplace, with no real thought put into the question of athletics.

Those who advocated the enactment of Title IX spotlighted sex discrimination issues in education and the workplace such as equal pay, sex bias in school texts, and tenure track opportunities.

A insisted on 1 percent gender equity proportionality, meaning that the percentage of female students and the money spent on their sports must be within 1 percent of each other. I had been paying attention to the academic issue. Title 20 USC, sections — Originally, the discussions of the legislation targeted educational opportunities and working to end sex discrimination in educational employment.

The supporters of Title IX targeted athletics as a direct result of all the attention opponents brought to the issue.As of right now my thesis statement is “Title IX has given opportunity to pursue college athletics through opening doors and providing necessary resources allowing for sparking interest and funding within women sports.

Title IX Research Paper. Topics: Title IX TITLE IX THESIS Title IX is an important legislation because it helps increase women's access to higher education, protect against sexual harassment, and helped increase the number.

Title IX of the Educational Amendments to the Civil Rights Act was signed into law in It bans any educational institution that receives federal.

Title IX Research Paper December 11 Daniel Rose History TITLE VI of the Civil Rights Act of law was what many civil rights activists had been lobbying for over many years. Title VI was made to end segregation and discrimination on the basis of color, gender, and nationality for employment.

Title IX Laws and Intercollegiate Athletics Research Paper by Michael Lancaster. The topic of Title IX laws and how it affects intercollegiate athletics really interests me as I have a strong background in sports as an athlete and an administrator.

Title IX Research Paper Starter

In Title IX was passed, which is a portion of the Education Amendments of stating “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance ” (OASAM).

Title ix research paper thesis
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